Frequently Asked Questions

If an employee is injured at work, how long would WorkCover cover him/her? If the injury or illness happened away from the workplace, would WorkCover still cover him/her?
WorkCover pays weekly compensation for a 130 weeks max. Unless a worker has no current capacity for employment that will continue indefinitely, then compensation will continue to be paid until age 65.

Is it WorkCover if my employee has a car accident on their way to or from Work?
No, that would be covered by TAC ( Transport Accident Commission)

What is Buy Out?
Buy Out is similar to an excess on General Insurance policies.  The excess on WorkCover is the first 10 days wages and the first $682 Medical & Like expenses (Indexed annually). You can remove this excess from your policy by paying an extra 10% in premiums.

What is Remuneration?
Remuneration includes Wages, Superannuation, Allowances, FBT, Payments to rateable contractors and Directors’ fees.  For a full list of what should be included as remuneration contact us.

Where do I send the claim forms?
Send claim forms directly to your WorkCover Agent. You only have 10 days to get them lodged or you may incur penalties, so get this done as quickly as possible.

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