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As a member of Workcomp you have access to a FREE 15-minute over the phone consultation on all aspects of Workers’ Compensation from an independent consultant who will point you in the right direction. Just some of the issues we can cover with you are:

  • Your initial workers’ compensation application, cover note and Certificate of Currency
  • Premium management – renewals, reviewing your current policy and rates – never pay more than you should!
  • Injury management – your obligations to provide a return to work program for your injured employees. We always look at early intervention to get your worker back on deck as soon as possible. Experience shows that getting back to work earlier gets the claim finalised quicker.
  • Claims management – we can assist through the whole claims process and help you avoid the claim getting out of control. Our experience allows us to see the “red flags” early on in a claim that can turn things costly and messy.
  • OHS – the old saying is “one ounce of prevention is better than a tonne of cure” is no better used in workplace injury cases. We can review how you keep your workers safe and your business compliant with cost effective, practical solutions.

Your membership also entitles you to a FREE Health Check on your workers’ compensation, occupational health and safety and/or your human resources needs.

Our free health checks give you a snapshot of where your organisation sits as far a compliance is concerned. Depending on your business, sometimes compliance is easy, sometimes it can be extremely complex. Either way, we are here to guide you through and give you a heads up on what you need.

Your free health check is only a click away:

Human Resources Health Check

Workplace Health & Safety Health Check

Workers Compensation Health Check

Take advantage of our Claims Management Service and Claims Reconciliation Service.


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The term “contractor” covers a wide variety of people in different work circumstances.  It includes consultants, agents, outworkers, and people working under similar arrangements.  These people may operate as sole proprietors, partnerships, companies, or through family trusts.

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Who needs a Victorian WorkCover Policy?

  • If you engage workers or Contractors deemed to be your workers and your total remuneration is more that $7,500 per annum or,
  • If you are employing an apprentice you are required to hold a WorkCover policy.

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See our full question and answers, click here.

Victorian WorkCover Industry Premium Rates are set by the State Government.  There are over 500 rates with over 7,000 sub categories.  Your WorkCover Agent will select the Industry Classification for your business based on the information that you provide in the policy application form.

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Contact us for your free business health check for any or all of the following:

Workplace health and safety

Human resources

Workers’ compensation

Our free health check gives you a snapshot of where your business is at and what you need to comply with legislation and best business practice. While it’s worth noting that the cost of compliance is always less than the cost of not complying, Workcomp and Agile Workplace Solutions have very affordable Business Essentials Kits that cover the basic issues that affect small and medium businesses.

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